Are you cost conscious about wedding?

A perfect wedding - each and every girl would definitely have a picture about her wedding in mind. She may dream about something that she can imagine when reading fairy tales that end with ".and they live happily ever after." She might be seeing stars in her dreams.



But when the d-day comes, she also might have other ideas in her mind, lots of ther thoughts too. She still dreams of her ideal wedding but she starts incorporating other subjects that represent her and her groom.

Just not to mention the bride also might consider the latest trends in fashion and design when it comes to decoration. Finally the most important and interesting subject to discuss when choosing all the designs and decorations is the cost involved.

Who would want to spend the first few months after the wedding paying debts which was used for the wedding. Therefore both the bride and the bride-groom must be selective when it comes to spending money on decorations and expenditure.

The following are a few things to reflect:

It's always advisable to personalize the decorations, not only does this cut the cost but it also adds a personal touch to the wedding and also would reduce the cost involved. For instance, if the bride or the groom is a photographer, they may choose pictures from their collection as the main subjects for the reception design. See to that the photographs taken are used for the invitations and other small attractions.

There would be a lot of items that are used for decorations, which may not be used again, consider cutting those as it would save a lot of money. These include the centerpieces, the vases, the arc ways and the artificial flower arrangements. You can even go ahead and ask your wedding decorator for a lot of options, for example, renting these items when it comes to using these for just once.

There might be situations wherein kids can be too tired during a wedding reception, therefoe instead of getting them to sit at the same table with the usual crowd, you can set up a place where they can be more of their own selves and enjoy themselves as to how they want to.

A get together of families is what an occassion is meant for, especially a marraige. There are possibilities wherein you may include the children of the bride or bride-groom from previous marraige or the families involved. To get them involved on the occasion will not only strengthen the bond but also ignite new relationships or new bondings.

Food, its the most important aspect in a wedding. You can also make enquiries with cooking or culinary arts schools They may agree to cater for the reception for just the price of the food, or perhaps, a little more. You can also consider having a pot luck by asking relatives and close pals to cook a dish in which might also add to the bubbling atmosphere.

There's also another way to bring down the cost of the wedding. It's always better to invite more people to the engagement party rather than inviting them to the wedding party. It's always better to serve cocktails and hors d'oeuvres which cost less than the full set of meals during the wedding party.

Music, Just look for your native college band, or DJ, or just have your favourite songs get downloaded from the internet, or just go get an mp3 player and just get a couple of heavy duty speakers and blow music during the reception.

While planning the cost of the decorations of the church, just check whether there is any other couple getting married on the same day or next day, because you can co-oridnate with them and cut down on the costs involved. You can also afford to compromise on the decorations a little bit as it would also help you save substantial amount of money..

Why should marraige be such an expensive affair? After all, the essence of marriage is in the union and not in the celebration. You should not try hard to please the guests. Its more important for your family and friends to enjoy your wedding and bless you rather than getting the event to get you broke and repent later.

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