Forget Not these Necessaries while Making Your Wedding Invitation Card

Your glorious wedding day is significant for the decisions you take on dress, the cake, the church and the wedding invitation card. As the most important element of your marriage, it announces the forthcoming wedding of yours. It should be as unique as you are. It should contain all the correct information on who and what.



First and foremost it should state the names of the hosts. The names of the brides parents, as traditions has it, along with the names of the parents of the groom and the couples names must find a place on the wedding invitation.

After the hosts names are stated, the guests should be requested to attend. As an illustration, this line should be: Request the pleasure of your company. Finally the names of the happy couple should be listed. The bride’s name, traditionally, is first in the list. First, middle and last names should be used.

Time and Venue:

Next importance on your wedding invitation are the date and time. These are typically given in detail. For example: Saturday, the eighth of May, Two thousand and six at 2 O’clock in the afternoon.

It is very important to be specific with the location next. A well known location does not require address. If a lesson known place detailed address should be given. A few couples include a road map with the wedding invitation to guide the guests.

This fore-thought on the part of the couple is greatly appreciated by the guests. A few couples indicate the time and location of the reception on a separate card while normally the wedding invitation card gives details of those things, while information on time and venue of reception is indispensable. You should inform the guests if full meal will be served or not.


It is a small card, separate with an envelope included with the wedding invitation card. This card has blank spaces provided for the guests to write their names. Guests are requested to indicate their choice of meals for reception. You should clearly state on the wedding invitation card with in what date you want the guests to respond.

A special and spectacular event as the wedding is, you should see that every important person in your life is present on that happiest occasion. Inclusion of right information on the wedding invitation card makes it first of many decisions taken for the big and best day of your earthly existence.



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