Engagement Rings – The Vein of Love

Indicates that Marriage is on the anvil



The engagement rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand by the lady when she is engaged in a marriage. Now-a-days the engagement rings are given during the day of the proposal.

If the woman accepts the engagement ring, it indicates that she has accepted the proposal. The engagement ring is a betrothal gift and it is a formal indication of accepting the proposal.

Apart from the Western culture the other traditions have also followed the engagement ring gift to be worn in the fourth finger of the left hand. This fourth finger is referred to as the vein of love or vena amoris.

It is quite common in USA to see engagement rings being presented to the woman. It is rare that an engagement ring is presented to the man by the woman.In some parts of the world like Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and Finland, both the partner will be wearing the engagement rings.

The engagement rings could be made of platinum or gold and is a custom for both the partner to wear it in their left hand. It has to be worn until the wedding and it will be shifted to the right hand indicating that they are married after the marriage.

It is common to find that approximately two month’s salary is set apart in the Western societies to buy the engagement rings. This thumb rule is given by the jewelers themselves and it is considered to be the accurate pointers in the industry.

The engagement rings could be made of different materials and could be of any design. Usually the engagement rings are mounted by a gem or a diamond.

It is common to find diamond in it. The setting could be of platinum or gold or silver. It was only through advertising that the diamond engagement rings were made popular. To indicate that the man loves his bride-to-be much he might be going for an expensive engagement ring.

If the woman is not interested in that particular man she might not accept the engagement ring. According to legal rules the engagement ring is considered as a conditional gift.

If the woman calls off the marriage then she has to return it to the man who gave it to her. A woman who does not return it is considered as greedy even though she has rejected the marriage.



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