Wedding gifts: A food for thought

A wedding could be a red letter day for most of the people involved. Just having the privilege to be invited can really bring about enthusiasm. It is always a pleasure to see someone walk down the aisle with the promise of true love and life long happiness. There's a lot of fun involved in picking up the wedding gifts too.There are thousands of gifts that you can purchase either online or through retail stores.



A common trend today is to personalize the gifts that are being purchased for weddings. Personalized gifts bring out your originality because you can dictate the fashion, design and message contents that you want to be printed on them. They might range from photo frames to watches, wall clocks and even a microwave.

While purchasing gifts, its always better to be cost concious and always be double sure to ge the look you wanted. Some of the gift ideas that have succeeded are given below:


It's always a special feeling when you think about your wedding day. The wonderful way would be to customize your ordinary belongings by printing the couple's picture on them. You can always have it even printed in your pillows, bedspreads or mugs. Print them on tapestry wall hangings and keep them as an heirloom. There are colorful cotton threads that bring pictures to life with its beautiful colors that resemble the photograh itself.

Picture frames

It's always a special feeling to place your remarkable and close to heart pictures in those special photo frames. You can add on sweet messages like 'sweethearts forever' or 'perfect couple'. Sweet lines from songs or poems are greatly recommended too. Various frames like rosewood frames, quality plastic or metal steel could be special choices.

Mostly personal messages are laser engraved or wood cut-outs.The couple would love to keep their favorite wedding photos with them thereby reminding of the significance of their wedding day.


It's always special to add to your own personality and your thoughts to get them printed in comfortable t-shirts. Many couples would be eager to convey their love for each other in pretty shirts.

The most common of these shirts are the word 'I' that comes with a big red heart and the name of the groom or bride..You can tell the whole world of your feelings towards a particular person with these customized tees. To bring about a little intimacy you can also opt to print cute messages on underwears and undershirts also. depends on how romantic you are.


It's a know fact that women love accessories. Bracelets are perfect items to be personalized. You can opt to choose fancy gold, sterling silver or even 10 karat - 25 karat gold.This is dependant on the cost factor. Always remember, it's always the thought that counts. Recommended words that you can put on the bracelets are the date of your wedding day, your anniversary or the couple's name..You also have the option of customizing rings and special necklaces.


Mugs are something which is very functional. So if you are going to give a present to the groom, customizing it would definitely be appreciated and loved. Be sure to choose mugs that exude manly elegance.. Black or brown mugs would surely look good and the message that is going to be customized would definitely stand out.


It's your choice to either choose a wall clock or a personal watch. Either way, you can be assured that the recipient of the gift would find them very useful. To add a personalised touch, you can choose to engrave the name on the metal.

Pocket watches would also be equally treasured today. Looking for wedding gifts can be enjoyable. Personalizing your gifts would add a special touch to each present. Always remember that its always the pure purpose of the gift given that matters and not the value of the gift.



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