How to Serve Wedding Speeches Recipe tastefully

It is customary and tradition for the bride’s father, the groom and the best man to give a short wedding speech before the wedding cake is cut and the desert served. They are humorous and make both the families laugh and talk together. The master of the ceremonies should be informed about the persons who want to speak and the order in which they should be introduced. In the absence of the master of ceremony the speakers have to introduce each other in the order of their speaking.



Father of the Bride

The first wedding speech is by the bride’s father. It is because the bride’s father bears the entire cost of wedding and he has the chance to welcome the groom and his family, in to his family.

The brides father can begin by thanking every one for their presence at the wedding and welcoming the groom and his family in to his family. He can continue by explaining the great beauty and her accomplishments and his family background etc. Then he can advise the new couple either humorously or seriously. He should appropriately thank the staff who had contributed to the smooth functioning of the wedding ceremonies before making a toast to the bride and groom’s future happiness.

The Grooms Speech

The groom should thank all the attendants for sharing his special day. Then he would welcome every one into the family. Then he will compliment the bride’s parents for bringing up the woman he loves so much.

The groom should thank all the staff for managing all aspects of the wedding for the enjoyment of guests and also the bride’s maids for their friendship and support throughout the wedding. Finally he should introduce the best man to speak and thank him for his friendship and support.

The Best Man’s Wedding Speech

His speech often will be very humorous and funny as it is his chance to poke fun at his friend in the presence of hundreds of people. He should thank the groom for selecting him to be his best man.

Later he can give a short and tasteful and hilarious story about the groom. He can include the bride also in his comical story. A toast will follow this along with best wishes to the newly wedded couple.



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