Marraige planning: an unforgettable experience.

The day is nearing to start a life as couples and there are some decisions that are to be taken in regards of that. The day should not be worrying but memorable with lots of fun. So there should be a timetable. The wedding should be estimated roughly within what should be done. So there are some tips to follow and decide the day depending on the following concerns.



On the Betrothal

Both the parents and your friends and relatives should be informed about the engagement party you have decided.

A coordinator will be more helpful to arrange all the activities like payments and appointments to be attended. This would also save a lot of time.

The photos taken on this occassion will be always memorable.

To be proceeded before 6 to 12 months

1. It's always advisable to finalise the venue after the dates are decided for the wedding and reception.

2. The wedding officiate should be informed to everyone beforehand.

3. Try to set up a workable financial plan and see to that its feasible.

4. If the wedding list is ready it will help to invite all with any ignorance.

There should be a set up for the caterers and florists and photographers.

1. All the gifts should be registered for bride.

2. The wedding dress and other trimmings should be arranged so that the fittings may be done properly without any fuss and chaos.

3. The bride maids should be selected and the dresses should be arranged in accordance.

Press on before 4 to 6 months

1. The invitations, thank you notes etc should be ready.

2. The photographers and others should be chosen and agreed with the services.

3. Clothing for the bride should be selected.

4. Arrangements for honeymoon should be made. -The gown should be confirmed for delivery.

Move forward before 2 months

1. A dinner trial should be planned in advance.

2. Effective lodging should be planned for outstation guests.

3. It is necessary that the bridal photograph should be taken.

4. The cake should be ordered in advance according to the preference.

Move on before a month

1. The group for band should be decided.

2. Invitations should be posted.

3. The dress should be checked.

4. The showers should be arranged for the couple.

To be done before 2 weeks

1. The name of the bride in banks and other legal affairs and for the marriage license should be applied.

Frame your style for hair to your stylist.

The reception venue should be checked out for the caterer for last minute changes.

To be done within a week

1. Honeymoon schedules and baggages should be ready.

2. Cover the groom's guests by wrapping the gifts.

3. Always advisable to prepare an agenda for the wedding trial.

4. Make sure with the party time and place.

The big day

1. See to that you have your breakfast to be cool on the passageway.

2. Always your hair.

3. Leave all your fears and have fun on the day.
Just be yourself.



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