Unexpected guests - Wedding Crashers

Wedding crashers are known as these because they were not invited in the first place; wedding crashers are “Unexpected Guest” primarily. As they are not invited, because they think love is in the air, they cannot help but the party.



In each occasion, when there is an invitation, there is an invited guest and an uninvited one, who is known as wedding crasher.
As a result, the following will provide you the tips to become a wedding crasher.

Like a distant cousin or some one with in the family circle, you can act. The family is always included in most wedding celebrations. Because the family members get together once again, most of the wedding invitations tend to be some sort of family reunions.

It will be difficult for the couple to notice you, since there are lots of relatives present in the wedding celebration. Pretend as a long lost relative, so it would be better. Best of all, if you have a beautifully gift wrapped package with you, could extend the drama.

Who was close to uncle clemency’s long lost son? No body can resist some one and who made is presence felt Act like a staff-member of either the wedding caterer or wedding coordinator.

In order to be able to crash into a wedding, you could always pretend to be a staff member of something.In a wedding, the planning and preparation process involves many people . Pretend that you are a staff member of the catering company or the flower arrangements, is one way of crushing in to the scene.

Drama and actions, it is just a matter. A great meal, every body would love to have.In case anybody wanted to know your identity, you can always claim yourself as the friend of someone in the party.

Select the name of your choice. You can always find someone else’s name when you are being asked why you are at the party or who is with you right now.

This is a safe tactic if you do not feel like choosing whose side of the couple will you take in order to introduce yourself. With this approach, you can be really sure that with over several hundreds of guests, nobody will have the guts to verify that the name you have chosen really exists.

Dress Appropriately

According to suit the occasion the wedding crasher must dress. It would be better to dress appropriately in order to fit in the event, even if it means that you are “dressed to hill”. After all, free food and wines, wedding crashing is not al about. Finding the love of your life, this is also one method.

Timing Essence

To arrive late to the party wedding crasher must make it a point. Every body would have started drinking, chatting about the wedding and socializing by that time. Their defenses will lie low, as a result.

No one will surely notice your arrival, when you arrive at the wedding, so you can easily slip in and join the party . Wedding crashers can be very mean people to love with as a matter of fact.

However, some of the wedding crashers are worth the value of time and money because of the company that they provide to your other guests. In fact, life is worth enjoying out and hence it is a wonderful idea o attend a party or wedding even if you are uninvited.



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