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Life in the United States makes a person feel free and not bonded to anything. He is always free to do anything he wants and is not bonded by traditions. In one way this is true, however there are certain practices that are followed during the wedding which gives it a distinct American touch.



There are some weddings memorable in the American culture Here are some: Right from the engagement, Americans think of different unique ways to personalize their wedding engagement.

As there is no specific wedding engagement tradition, Americans always like to have their engagement in a more unique and personal way and different from other occasions. The couples more usually inform their close ones about their engagement. They at times host a special engagement party.

In America, an engagement party is usually cheaper when compared to a wedding reception. The party mostly constitutes cocktails and junk items. Therefore if an American couple is on a tight budget, they can invite more guests for their engagement party and invite only those special and privileged personalities for their wedding reception.

This way they can work around their budget accordingly. In America engagements are solely done and they inform the parents before wedding party and they also give a party, which includes cocktails and hors d'oeuvers. The guests can be limited according to their budget.

In the USA most of the wedding preparations would constitute a bridal shower. It is given by the maid of honor and the bridesmaid. The grooms also host a small party the night before the wedding. It’s called as the bachelor’s party. The groom must make sure that he dosent get drunk.

The couples must make sure that their invitations have a response card. This would confirm whether their wedding invitation has been accepted or turned down. It is advisable to send the wedding invitations well in advance. An ideal time would be four to six weeks before the wedding.

There would also be a rehearsal dinner before the wedding engagement. People coming from far off places attend this party. Usually it’s a practice for the groom’s parents to pay for this dinner.

The bridal shower will take place in the wedding by the maids in respect. There will be a bachelor party the night before given by the groom. The couple must get a response from the people. There will be a rehearsal dinner after the invitations are sent to the people from far places.

The groom's family pays for this.Sometimes if time and budget permits, there might also be a bridal luncheon arranged on the wedding day. This may be included in the schedule only if time and budget permits.

Similarly the groom may also host a grooms dinner partThere will be a bridal and groom luncheon for their people arranged by them. The most interesting fact is that, the couples always would prefer a religious ceremony even if they are not too very religious. This sometimes is baffling as America usually comprises of people from different faiths and different backgrounds.

There are a few people who believe in badluck and superstitions. As a result they make sure that the groom does not get to see his bride until she starts walking on the aisle with her father. It’s even a practice that the groom and groomsmen enter the church through the side door.

The bride walks down the aisle with her father. The groom does not see the bride until then. In some cases when both her father and stepfather brought up the bride, she may ask them both to escort her. The couple may not be religious but this creates some problems because of different backgrounds and faiths.

In some families the bride and the groom may not meet till she enters the passage with her father and stepfather. The grooms and his men enter through the side doors of the church,In a formal reception a bridal table is usually organized.

In a bridal table, the couple and important attendants sit and they are served food and wine. In America gift giving is a very famous practice. People select gifts that would be useful to the couples.

The bride table will be there for the couple and the attendants to sit and they will be served some drinks and food at the reception time and the gifts will be useful to the couple.

It’s now a practice in the United States to register their gifts. In one way it’s a good practice as the guests will know what the couples would need and there also would not be a repetition of gifts.

The couples also usually leave a thankyou note to the guests who gift them. A thankyou note is given to those who offer gifts and given after acceptance of the gift.This should be sent within two weeks upon receipt of the gift. Make a personalized thank you note, instead of using an impersonal generic thank you note.

These are some of the practices followed during American weddings. Whether couples choose to follow this way or whether they would want to organize in their own personalized manner is purely upto their choice. However the couples vow to each other that they would always stay besides each other till death.

Americans strongly believe in this marriage vow. The note should be common and it should be sent within fifteen days from the receipt of the gifts which is a practice in American weddings. They believe a vow, for good or bad we need not part till death.



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