Choosing The Right Budget Friendly Wedding Venue

A budget friendly venue. The number one draw on wedding finances is the venue; it sets the mood and the background for the present and photography in the future A happy couples wedding day will be the most important and most memorable day in their relationship so far.

When budgeting for a wedding day no one wants to comprise on how they envisaged their long dreamt-of day, a ancient church with high arches and stunning gables, a grand castle overlooking acres in the country or a palatial villa in the Caribbean if the purse strings are tight, those options maybe out of reach fortunately there are hidden gems in some pocket friendly alternatives.

You may not be able to get the enchanting castle, but with every masion steeped in grand history always comes with fantastically manicured grounds. It makes sense, as often it is the view outside as well as the décor inside that really sells a venue. While access to twenty-plus rooms and two banqueting halls comes with a steep price tag, in sunny spring or summer the flowery gardens make for a magical setting, combine this with a beautiful marquee and with acres at your disposal you won’t have to comprise on layout or size.

Once you have chosen your grounds, consult with a specialist on the marquee design and layout, the options are almost endless and can be tailored to your requirements. From colours and decoration to the window styles and walkways, they can easily be as simple or as decadently designed as you want, every wedding theme colour is complemented by the clean white background and your guests can enjoy the greenery outside and the stunning flower arrangements inside.

Separate areas can be constructed for dancing, eating and seating at the ceremony but marquees also allow for outside areas to not feel separated. Additional special extras such as a reception area and even space for an ice rink could add that special something to make your day perfect. London marquee suppliers cover the city and surrounding areas which is great for those who live in the capital or those who have guests coming from overseas. Visit Bees Marquees for more information.

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