5 Reasons to Get Married in Las Vegas

Las Vegas was the place where the first recorded wedding took place. It happened in the 1900’s. Gin which was a part of the ceremony at that point of time was banned in California. Gin was a major player during marriage ceremonies at that time. Couples who were getting hitched and drunk were able to get married in Las Vegas.



Young people who loves to sip a drink preferred to get married in Las Vegas. It takes only about a couple of hours to get the unity certificate and outside the chapel was a city for celebrating their marriage. It became a wedding destination for celebrities like Clark Gable etc and also a destination for commoners.

There are five good reasons as to why you could get married in the entertainment capital of the world. The following points must be taken into consideration

1. It’s a perfect place for spending the last days of yours as a bachelor. The sin city proves to be the right destination for spending the bachelor days of your time for the last time. You can go out on a night out in the company of your friends.

You can take a break at the spa by going for a cool relaxation massage. You can indulge yourself in girl talks, or can relax by the seashore with a bottle of drink.

2. It’s a place to get married quick and to get married easily. All you require to bring with yourself is a valid identification and your social security number and of course the money to get married which is around $55. You absolutely require no wedding planner nor a wedding singer, no in-laws or anyone for that matter.

It’s just the bride, the groom, a priest or commissioner and it’s entirely your choice.It’s necessary to get a marriage license before your marriage. This would ensure a smooth flow during your marriage ceremony. Marriage License is mandatory to get married along with a priest of commissioner.

3. Get married in your own style. Get married the way you want to. You can host a party for two or even for two hundred. There are wedding planners for all occasions and for all moods. There are various packages which could be simple or very expensive.

Just choose to get married the way you want to in Vegas. What’s not available in Vegas. Right from the wedding rings, to flowers and witnesses, everything is easily accessible in Las Vegas. Even if you are throwing a party of 200 guests, just don’t worry as this city has everything to entertain just about anyone under the sun.

4. Just go about having your honeymoon walk. There are a lot of marriages which don’t even last long. It breaks up even before the honeymoon starts. Las Vegas is a place where you can immediately start your honeymoon after marriage as there is everything in the place and would make your honeymoon special.

Once you are out of the commissioner’s office or out from the garden, you can head straight towards your honeymoon destination. Your honeymoon virtually begins. There’s strips of light, water, flowers and fountains that are larger and brighter than life. There are luxurious hotels which could make your nights memorable.

5. A lot of couples contemplate on settling in Las Vegas after their marriage. It’s a beautiful place where more than 2,000,000 Americans are staying. It’s a place where a couple looks upon it as a serious proposition to start their married life.

Las vegas has a very good infrastructure. The infrastructure helps to combat various weather conditions. It’s the entertainment capital of the world. Everything is available in texas 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. There is nothing short of entertainment too. The grand redrock canyon, valley of fire and lake mead are few things that take your breath away.

Are you ready to raise your family in Las Vegas? If yes that’s great. Nevada has some fantastic schools which provide the best of educations. Infact Nevada has schools which are one of the best schools in the United States.

It’s a sure deal that once you set your foot in Las Vegas, it’s very difficult to go back. When you set your foot in Las Vegas, you will never feel like leaving the place again.



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