Make your Guests Spell-Bound with Your Customized Handmade Wedding Invitations

The popularity of custom handmade wedding invitations is increasing day by day owing young couples. There is a personal and sentimental touch about them. Every one can share something of it few simple motions can exert great influence on the guests and make it a memorable day for long.



Personal Messages:

The couple can themselves design custom handmade wedding invitations reflecting their wishes for the day instead of pre-made ones.

Materials that suit the best for the day and words reflecting their feelings can be chosen. You can add the photographs of the young couple and a variety of images and frames to heighten the effect through simple computer program.

If the couple have children already their photos can be included on the invitation for the special day.

Special Formats:

You need not follow the same format for custom handmade wedding invitation as is done for the regular ones. Total independence can be shown in utilizing items to make invitations eye catching, endurable and memorable.

Some invitations are sent with small bottles as messages inside. Other couples have sent invitations rolled and tied up like a scroll. A few more have used fancy papers or raffia ribbons along with song sheets of the hymns and verses from the Bible. The possibilities are infinite.


A few things have to be thought of while custom handmade invitations test the imagination of the couples. Cost effectiveness should be contemplated as there will be many invitees.

The unique format of the invitation is not just enough. The budget should not get blown up. You have to consider the making charges guests living far away. Hand delivery though cost effective, may not be possible due to innumerable invitees.

Custom hand made invitations for the wedding should reflect total freedom of choice and make the creation a memorable one from the beginning to the end. Do not neglect to include any family member to avoid the feeling of being left out in the confusion.



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