How to Make Your Engagement Ring Imprint a Pleasant and Everlasting Memory?

An engagement ring is a symbol of speciality as well as a proposal of marriage. In the U.S. and many European countries the engagement ring is worn on the woman’s left hand. It is a sign of her acceptance of the man who has given her the ring, for marriage in future. It is a time old tradition being observed even today. It is decided by some that the man should also have a symbol of their agreement to marry and that a woman should present a ring to the mean of her choice for marriage.



In some countries in northern Europe, traditionally, man and women wear an engagement ring. In some countries the engagement ring is used as wedding ring. In other countries the engagement ring is just the symbol of intention to marry.

The engagement is not for the same duration. It could be a few weeks, a few months, or a full year. The couple, within their time can plan for their wedding and future together.

The Universal Ring:

According to tradition, an engagement ring inlaid with a diamond had its place on the same finger where the wedding ring was placed at the wedding ceremony.

The diamond ring is an important investment symbolic of the seriousness of the proposal. While most of these rings are of gold, a platinum antique engagement ring is unusual and made of special metal.

A platinum antique engagement ring is more precious that the traditional gold ring. The silver like appearance of a platinum antique engagement ring may fool people by not looking like gold. People mistake it to be silver but not valuable as gold.

The antiquity of the Platinum antique engagement ring makes it more invaluable than the ordinary engagement ring. It has great sentimental value because of some special history behind it.Probably it has been handed down from one generation to another. Probably it belonged to a beloved grandmother of the bride or groom.



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