Serving good food for your guests

Serve not Expensive Food... But, Good Food



How ever chicken and pasta is just as tasty, you’ll want to go for the lobster and filet mignon meals. By ordering good food not the most expensive, save money! As opposed to a sit down dinner that costs more, also consider having a buffet

Hors D’Oeuvres Easy Serve.

Let us face it . You just know the cook spent hours in the kitchen making them fancy and you look at some hors d’oeuvres . I say about that you don’t worry. Until din - din arrives. Your guest want something to snack.

That aren’t expensive requiring hours of preparation time. That aren’t expensive requiring hours of preparation time, you can have some prepared. Using hors D’Oeuvres that required expensive ingredients, also to be avoided.

Guests to be Served

Guest helped themselves for several reasons rather you’ll want to have some one serve your guests. Before everyone is served, people have a tendency to take too much food, for one thing. Every one gets at least one leaping helping, you want to make sure.

At your reception if every one doesn’t get fed, that is the worst thing that happened. Using small plates is another trick here. If too much of food doesn’t fit on the plate, the guests won’t be able to take. After every one is served, they can always come back fore more.

Throw IT Away After eating

Every body is not going to like this idea, Okay! I so it, but, By using paper cups and utensils you can save lots of money. Up to 10-20% you can save over the cost of renting breakable glasses, chins and sliver.



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