Rules for ethnic rituals

It will become to plan some events around that themes once you decide what theme you want. Some themes reflect your ethnic heritage, did you know that? Well it does. How ethnicity is connected to us let’s take a quick look.



1. Immediately after the “I do’s African American couples celebrate what’s called a “jumping of the broom’.

2. Goblets will be tied together with a red ribbon , Chinese couples drink wine from it.

3. To keep the bad spirits away east Indian grooms get a turmeric paste rubbed all over their face.

4. To bring wealth into the house hold german brides carry salted bread in their pocket and the groom carries grain.

5. Brides get their right wirst tried to the grooms left wirst in Egyptian.

6. Live or imitation spider is placed in their gown by their gusest for English brides.

7. Couples drink wind from a two cup that has two handles in French.

8. While dancing with her new husband during reception greek bridges receive money pinned to their gowns.

9. Ties are cut into small pieces in case of italinan grooms and these pieces are sold to the guests.

10. To symbolize a happy life together Korean couples feed their guests noodle soup.

Based on the ethnicity these are just some of these rituals that are performed. Any of them did you recognize? As a part of your wedding celebration do you want to include any of them? By incorporating a ritual you can really make your wedding unique. Just something to think about HMMMM.



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