Your Bridal Shower Invitation Needs to conform to these Basics

If you are the bosom friend of the bride or the grooms childhood friend and know a recently engaged couple you pity them but of envy at their suffering in taking difficult decisions. They have to decide on things like meme for the wedding dinner, the venue for the wedding and the number of people to invite for the wedding.



What will you do if I ask you to make these same decisions? The bridal shower is always hosted by the friends responsibly. It is a small responsibility but when the right information is included on the wedding shower invitation, the task becomes much easier.

Basics of the Bride:

Six weeks before the date of the shower the wedding shower invitations should be sent. It should include all the basic information on the wedding shower invitation.

It should have bride’s as well as the groom’s name, the date, the time, the venue, the R.S.V.P information and the date by which you should receive response for R.S.V.P. Wedding showers can take place any time from six moths to one week before the wedding. The best date often depends on traveling and out of town guests.

The venue can be at any place from a bride’s maid’s house, a beloved restaurant, a park, a beauty salon with endless possibilities.

If the bridal shower takes place at an unknown location you have to put the address or proper directions on the wedding shower invitation specify definitely who to R.S.V.P to on the wedding shower invitation if it is a surprise.

You should never invite to the wedding shower a person not invited to the wedding. To invite such people is considered bad manners. The bride should be consulted as to who should be invited.

In case the bridal shower is a surprise enlist the help of the brides mother or sister with the wedding shower invitation. It is always possible for the bride or one of her relatives to make a list of guests to be invited.

Typically, those close to the bride and the groom and female relatives are invited to the wedding shower. Decide whether the bridal shower is all female or mixed. Though in tradition women attend wedding showers, of late they have become events for the bride and the groom.

Final Thoughts:

Other things you want to include on the wedding shower invitation may be the place where you want the bride to be registered so that guests can easily buy her a gift. If the wedding shower is a surprise you should inform the expected time of arrival of the bride.



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