Planning budget for your marriage

For obvious reasons budget is important. Do you want to end up spending yourself into a divorce before you’re even married? Strict guidelines to follow a budget gives. The wedding of your dreams will not be got by overspending. Your pockets shouldn’t be empty thatis the idea.



Take a look at it , this gives you an idea of what your budget should look like.

1 Expense for Reception 50%

2 Dress , shoes , Garter for Bride’s 15%

3 Important is Videographer/Photographer 10%

4 Light Music 10%

5 Color full flowers 10%

6 Hall Decoration 2%

7 Cards used for Invitations / Thank you 2%

8 Sending invitation to friends through Post 1%

Total 100%

You’re thinking I know. You’ll need some help along the way since so many decisions, so little time.

Every body you care about to help you solicit. Several things are there which you’ll need to do right away. They are here.

1 Parents should be met.

2 Date had to be Picked.

3 Place for the ceremony and reception must be reserved.

4 Decided on your wedding party.

5 Arrange a meet with minister or rabbi.

6 Themes and schemes color, choose it.

7 Prepare guest list.

8 Dresses for Mother’s, wedding and bridesmaid get it.

Right now there are lot of decisions to be made. You’re soliciting the help from the people close to you , aren’t you glad about that ? you’ll also have to make one decision whether you’ll need a wedding consultant.

If you can work this out without a consultant , you can save a few hundred dollars. I have seen very few people who can , I’ll tell you. It is not impossible , however.



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