Planning your wedding to save more

For you this is an exciting time. One person that you can’t live without , you have found. One person that you want to spend the rest of your life , you have found. Long time is rest fo your life that you know. Nevertheless, you’ve found that special someone.



The best advice I can give when the Question what do you do ? comes then plan, plan, and have fun Planning some more . You’re going to make a wonderful bridge and groom so my second word of advice is to stop worrying once the plan is set. You know most couples Wedding is really hard to mess it up!

You need my help, because messing your wedding day up is your greatest fear , right? You still deserve the best wedding that money can buy , if your last name is not Hilton or Gates. It is your money that we have to play with. How to have a lavish wedding on a layman’s budget I’ll show you. From planning the Wedding to the honeymoon we should look at everything.

For you I have some great cost saving measures. You’ll save up to 70 % on your wedding cost, if you follow my advice. I said 70 % I like to call this extra savings the 'honeymoon money'. You’ll have to spend on your honeymoon money is the extra dollars and forever after. You won’t have to worry about dipping into your monetary wedding gifts to pay for your honeymoon , if follow my advice.

In this e-book I’m giving you a little something extra. At the beginning of every chapter look for my 'Wedding Savings Trends'. as the skilled industry observed I ‘ve learned to watch for the trends.

Like yourselves , are doing to save money, the trends will give you a brid’s eye look at what other couples like. Trends are some with fun, while others just make a whole lot of cents.Everything they stand for I love I love Wedding! Till the sickness and helath , and the death due us part the love is forverv after.

I must admit However. With - for richer or poorer part I have a real big problem. That’s why I worte this ebook you see. You be rich save money and be happy that’s what I want. Lets get ready for our journey down the aisle, are you happy so far?



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