Want to Break Monotony and Go for a Right Emerald Engagement Ring? Help is Here

Many couples are turning towards other gemstones, of late, for the engagement ring. They want either to be different or they do not care for the diamond, as you do for birth stones. It is a wonderful experience to go shopping for an emerald engagement ring, you can get a ring of your dreams as well as a great price . A few tips are given here to help you make the right choice.




Many properties of emerald have to be considered while shopping, because that will make a big difference in the price of the emerald engagement ring. At the outset all emeralds have inclusions, due to original formations. These are called ‘gardens’ by the jewellars.

The lesser the gardens and inclusions, the better is the quality of the emerald and higher its price. An emerald sans inclusion is extremely rate and prohibitively expensive.

A one carat inclusion free emerald on emerald cut will cost you up to | 20,000. You should know before hand that emeralds are brittle and have to be protected when worn. If they get hit the damage will be done from with in. Emerald cut is the best emerald engagement ring as it can withstand best any impact.

Because of their brittle nature they should be set carefully and protected against hits Later your fiancé will be wearing the ring every day and feel proud and happy. A couple of diamonds on the side can give considerable protection through channel setting and save the emerald from danger.


Two types of emerald, Brazilian and Columbian .are considered equally good in the diamond market. Columbian emeralds are brighter with a green lush and richness that is absent in the
Brazilian emerald. Hence the Columbian emerald is more popular and of higher price.

A certificate of authenticity is absolutely necessary while you purchase an emerald engagement ring. All details of the ring take gemstone, its carat weight, origin, the precious metal. The ring is set in and its price of purchase etc. should be mentioned in the certificate. These details will help you in sure the ring and return it if it is not of the standard indicated in the certificate.



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