First Impressions - Wedding Invitation selections

How to select your wedding invitation.



1. Set a budget and be imaginative. In the market you have different selection of wedding cards you have to think and select a beautiful one.

2.Decide on a theme and color of your wedding The wedding card should be impressive in such a way that people should get attracted .

3. First right your guest details and then you should order your invitations.

4. It would be great if you select a style which matches your personality. The invitation should also give an idea as to the kind of marriage you are planning to have.

5. Start eight months before the wedding In this way we plan then you will have plenty of time paying attention to correct the wordings, it goes wrong. You will have a plenty of time to revise and think before sending the invitation.

6. Before you place an order of the invitation you have to check the details like time , place and date of the marriage celebrations to be held and reception timing should to conformed.

7. Request help from experts on the looks and style of your invitation . This would help you plan your marriage in a more suitable way as well as plan the marriage according to your tastes and desires

8. If you have selected the wordings and pro faces of the words which has to be checked thoroughly through a professional one and make sure that every things is properly place in order.

9. Order more invitations than the money that you really need. This will give you a few extras in case you miss anyone out.

10. When you are preparing the words to be place in your card you have to type and clearly it should be visible.

11. To bring a style you have to be creative and give good words to achieve your own personal touch.

Invitation Manners

1. If you have the engagement and reception held at different places, it’s always advisable to attach a reception card along with the invitation. The reception card should contain details about the reception like place and any specific information.

2. Envelopes should not be addressed as Mr. and Mrs. William Cooper and Family.. This is not correct. It would be advisable to include names of children if any existing in the family in the envelopes. Children above eighteen should be given separate invitations.

3. It would not be a bad idea to personalize the invitation by using names such as “Uncle Jack”. This would also mean as to how important they mean to you. This would be applicable even if the engagement is a formal occasion.

4. It is always advisable to start distributing invitations six to eight weeks before the engagement. People coming from outstation would plan the engagement trip accordingly as they would have to book their hotels and organize their schedule accordingly.

5. If the occasion is a formal one, you can use the phrase ‘Black tie’ in the right corner of the invitation. The guests can dress appropriately to the engagement.

What not to do when placing invitation wordings

1. Do not use nicknames. See to that you always address the guests by their first middle and last names. Some people do not like their middle names being used. In those cases avoid initials and just use the first and last names.

2. Never use abbreviated names. Just use Mr, Mrs and Dr and any other if applicable.

3. Avoid to write the time , date and address.

4. Avoid writing the word “as”” and”

How to place the Invitation

1. You have to place the invitation in a envelop and the card should be facing you and you have to role with the tissue paper , so that the card is safe

2. You have to place the reception card on the top of the invitation also facing you.

3. You have to position the responds cards in a way leaning with in the flap of the response envelop,

4. The last of the card the directions and map route has to be envisted to the guests.

5. When you are addressing the envelop in outer side you have to write it in a sketch pen.

6. Choose a postage stamp that augurs well with the invitation appearance. It makes it look more graceful.

7. If it possible bring the cards to the post office and hand it over directly to avoid scratches.



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