Points to ponder in your wedding reception

Non Alcoholic drinks to be served.



By serving only non- alcoholic drinks at your wedding reception, you can save a fortune . Non alcoholic drinks like sparkling cider or grape juice been chosen serve by some couple to their guests.

If the couple doesn’t drink I think this is especially understandable .Wine or champagne be just served by some other couples. By buying your alcohol in bulk, in those cases you can still save money, Will show you how read on

Purchase Liquor in Whole sale

Give your guests the option to drink if they want, you may decide to go the extra mile. Buy your liquor direct from a wholesalers is one way to save money. Discount of up to 20% a wholesaler on bulk Purchases of alcohol Any bottles of liquor that you have not used, a wholesaler will allow you to return . This is a great deal, by in large

Cocktail Hour - to be Limited

It is quite expensive to have a open bar. Keep the cost down as well and you can still show your guests a good time. The amount of time for the cocktail hour to be limited is another way. You can limit drinks to non – alcoholic beverage or wine once the cocktail hour is over. Prevent wastage , I suggest having a host or hostess to serve the drinks

Reception Time on off Hour

In the E- Book we talked a little about this .save 30-50% off the reception costs, you can have a breakfast or early afternoon reception for obvious reasons breakfast and brunch receptions cost a lot less than dinner receptions. Plus people drink much at night but do not drink as much the day.



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